Share Class Information

Share Class Information

Share Class

Up-Front Sales Charge

Commission to B/D

12b-1 Fee


A Shares (See Below) Yes - 4.75% up to $999,999 4.25% Commission 0.25% None
Load-Waived A Shares* No None 0.25% None
 AR Shares No - Waived 1.00 0.25% 1% for 12 Months until conversion to A shares
C1 Shares (Index Funds Only) No 0.50% Commission 0.50% O.50% for 12 Months
C-Shares No 1.00% 1.00% through year 
six and then converts
A shares at 0.25%
1% for 12 Months
W Shares (For RIAs)   No None None None

A Share Sales Loads

Purchase Amount

Up-Front Sales Charge

Selling Institution Commission

$0-$999,999 4.75% 4.25%
$1,000,000+ None No


*Finders fee of 1% paid with an 18 month CDSC for over 1 million dollar purchase.

All Investment options will offer these share class structures with the exception of TIAA-CREF Principal Protection Option.

Note that C1 does not apply to the TIAA-CREF Principal Protection Option which carries no sales load or CDSC. In addition to Program Fees, a 5 bps 12b-1 is charged on this Option and paid to Advisors.