Start Investing for College Now

The Tomorrow’s Scholar ® advisor-sold 529 program is a tax-advantaged way for families nationwide to make college possible. Setting up an account is as easy as 1-2-3:

If you are an Investor:

If you do not already have a Financial Advisor, find an Advisor near you.

Enroll Using Paper Registration:

  • Meet with your Financial Advisor. Your Advisor can help you compare college planning vehicles, calculate how much you’ll need to invest, and select appropriate investments with your specific goals in mind. If you don’t have a Financial Advisor, you can find one here.
  • Choose investment options. Tomorrow’s Scholar offers three ways to invest: age-based, risk-based, and single fund options.
  • Fill out an account application. If funding an account is a challenge, consider reaching out to other family members for gifting opportunities. Also note that the minimum investment is waived if you invest automatically. This is a great way to set aside what you need to pay for college without breaking the bank. You can download an application today.

Wisconsin's Direct - Sold 529 Plan

Access Edvest

If you are a Financial Advisor:

Access Online Enrollment

Enroll your Client Using Paper Registration:

  • Enter your Broker/dealer BIN at the top of the application and fill out section 10.
  • Assist investor with section 6 (and any other required section of the application).
  • Visit the forms section to obtain the enrollment kit and other forms to assist your clients.
  • For sales support, contact your Voya Investment Management wholesaler at (800) 334-3444.

Enroll in an Employee/Employer Group 529 Plan:

Access Employee / Employer Group 529 Application

(You must know your Group ID to access the application)